For our patients and theirs owners we offer engagement, knowledge, comfort and smile

Veterinary Clinic Zdrowy Pupil, Lubin

  • You’re very welcome to Veterinary Clinic Zdrowy Pupil in Lubin

    Veterinary Clinic Zdrowy Pupil was created from child’s dreams and its first project was a school drawing of ten years old girl. It is huge happiness that these dreams could finally turn into reality. In fact – the reality surpassed them all. Our clinic is the place, where all animals get a professional help based on the latest medical knowledge..

  • What are our services?

    • Internal diseases of dogs and cats,
    • Internal diseases of rabbits, rodents and exotic animals,
    • Prevention of the species above,
    • Surgery of soft tissues,
    • Stomatology,
    • Chipping and issuing passports.

  • What do we offer for our patients?

    • Two spacious admission offices,
    • Laboratory: blood tests (results are available in 30 minutes!), urine tests, feces tests, cytology,
    • Ultrasound diagnostics,
    • X-ray diagnostics,
    • Two surgery rooms,
    • Daily hospital,
    • Parking for our clients,
    • Delivery for you and your pet to our clinic (please call to us to discuss a convenient date of delivery).
  • How our vet clinic works?

    • For your and your pets comfort we prefer registration of visits (you can do it by the call or on-line in “Register your visit on-line” section above).
    • First in the queue are those clients, who booked a date of visit. We’ll also serve all other patients, but they have to wait a moment.
    • Patients in severe condition are served out of turn.
    • In our clinic you can pay not only with cash, but also by card or BLIK.