Our team

  • Veterinary Clinic Zdrowy Pupil, Lubin
  • Hanna Chwiałkowska DVM

    The animals have always been present in my life. I grew up in the village – I was hugging new born lambs in my uncle’s farm and drinking milk fresh from a cow, and at my home some grey cat and a dog with amber fur were asking for cuddles. That’s why at the age of ten on the picture called “My future” I drew a veterinary clinic surrounded by many animals – a cat, a horse, fish and a goat with a bandage on the neck. I’ve been dreaming of helping them all.

    This picture landed somewhere deep in a drawer, but my dream came back to me and when I had to choose studies, I decided to go to Veterinary Medicine at University of Environmental and Life Sciences in Wroclaw. I graduated in 2016 and started to gain some experience – working in vet clinics for small animals, also in 24-hour care clinic, volunteering in Horse Stud Książ, taking courses, trainings and conferences.
    Eventually, I decided to create my own place, where a childhood dream will come true. A vet clinic, where a help for cats, dogs and other small animals will be carried with professionalism, respect for patients, but also with a childhood love, joy and unabated enthusiasm.
    My curiosity still pushes me to deepen my knowledge, especially in my favourite field, which is ultrasonography. In special vet clinic VetMedica in Leszno I completed a two-step course “Ultrasound of small animals” and a training “Veterinary cardiology” with some practical tips for the internist about examining the heart. I gained some experience during „5-day school of imaging” in Lublin and “Doppler diagnostic of blood vessels in abdominal cavity” in Warsaw.
    In my free time I like to ride horses, hiking in mountains and reading books (which is my real addiction). All of that is to charge my batteries and indulge my biggest passion – work – with smile.

  • Justyna Godek DVM

    A graduate of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Environmental and Life Sciences in Wrocław.

    Since I was a child, I used to say I would become a vet, and although my plans changed over the years, old love does not rust and I finally chose veterinary medicine. My family home and my surroundings were always full of animals, mainly dogs and cats, but sometimes there were also turtles and rabbits. I loved to take care of animals, whether it was taking them for a walk, going for the vaccinations or simply training. Over time, these interests have developed into a desire for knowledge about our little ones' diseases and how to help them. During my studies, I was always willing to participate in all practical classes, I was also helping in veterinary clinics. I am greatly interested in the internal diseases of small animals – and I would like to develop in this direction. My main goal is to become such a specialist in the future. When it comes to surgery, stomatology is the one closest to my heart, for which I am responsible in our clinic. To expand my knowledge, I often take part in various webinars or courses - all for the health of our furry patients. In free time I spend my time actively - during winter I’m skiing on the slopes and during summer I’m getting on a bike or going for a walk. I am also the happy owner of an older female dog Fama, who suffers from diabetes.

  • Dominika Maziec DVM

    I graduated in 2017 from the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences. In the end of my studies I was in the Haygate Veterinary Centre as an erasmus trainee. After graduation I was on an internship and I worked in a veterinary clinic in Polkowice. I felt the call to become a veterinary surgeon as a little girl, taking care of our shorthaired dachshund dog Reksio. When it was necessary to give him an ear medicine, an antibiotic, a worming tablet or drops against external parasites, it was always me who wanted to help. It was wonderfull to feel his gratefullness when he got better. I decided that this is what I want to do in my life - to help my four-legged friends, who show their gratitude most beautifully. I’m especially interested in small animal internal medicine, zoophysiotherapy and diagnostic imaging. I expand my knowledge by participating in veterinary symposia and conferences.

    Exotic pet medicine was interesting to me even during my studies. I was a member of science club Mephitis, whose members are students interested in this subject, and I also participated in faculties - breeding and diseases of exotic animals. During the Erasmus internship in England, I had the opportunity to treat rabbits, ferrets, hedgehogs and small ornamental birds with the veterinary surgeons working there. In Great Britain rabbits are very popular pets, almost as popular as dogs and cats. Currently I take part in many conferences and courses about it. I have completed, among others, a course: „Small mammal- big patient- medicine of small mammals”, „USG of tiny structures: eyeball, thyroid, adrenal glands”, „Diagnostic imaging of small mammals”. Zoophisiotherapy is also very interesting to me, this branch of veterinary science is still developing in Poland. During my studies I had an opportunity to practise in one of the best veterinary clinic which performs rehabilitation of pets. In aim of better help of my patients I use various physiotherapeutic techniques. My experience shows that thanks to joining physiotherapy and medication we can get better effects.
    In private life I love swimming, cooking healthy food and skiing during winter. However, for almost two years my private life has been focused on exploring the world with my little daughter.

  • Angelika Janosik- veterinary technician

    I graduated from the Wrocław University of Science and Technology, but my dream was to work with animals, so in 2007 I obtained a degree of a veterinary technician. This is how my adventure with veterinary medicine began. I completed a course in small animal anesthesiology, as well as a several-week course entitled "Dog rehabilitation" and this field has become my biggest interest. My education and dreams related to animals come true every day in the clinic, where I am responsible for pre-and post-operative care, as well as assistance with procedures and anesthesia. I also supervise patients in the hospital and perform laboratory tests.

    I am interested in animal physiotherapy, and I would love to grow in this direction - it is my dream for this to happen in the near future. In my private life, I am a fulfilled mother of two boys - Alexander and Sebastian. Our private life is made more pleasant by the cat Bean and two lovely dogs Sisi and Zuzia. I run the "Podaj łapę" (“Give a Paw”) Foundation for animals, which helps homeless animals find a new loving home.