About us

  • Veterinary Clinic Zdrowy Pupil, Lubin
  • Our veterinary clinic is a place, where every pet gets a professional help based on the newest medical knowledge.

    Zdrowy Pupil Veterinary Clinic started from a childhood dream.The first project of this place was drawn by the owner of our veterinary clinic when she was ten years old. Amazing is the fact that her dreams came true. Moreover the reality is even better.

  • We put our whole heart into the treatment of pets

    Choosing us your pets and you will benefit from:

    • Commitment - our work is simultaneously our passion, so we treat every patient carefully and with an open mind.
    • Knowledge - we continuously develop our skills and broaden horizons, because we take part in courses, trainings, conferences.
    • Comfort - It is provided by a spacious waiting room, divided into dog and cat areas, appointments by the hour and a comfortable parking for our clients next to the clinic building.
    • Smile - A positive attitude is essential, especially when it is mutual, so we do our best to hear every cat purring with satisfaction and see every dog wagging its tail with happiness.