• Veterinary Clinic Zdrowy Pupil, Lubin
  • The heart drives the entire body to work, so there is no doubt that you need to take care of it and check it regularly.

    Some of the breeds of dogs and cats (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Boxer, British, Maine Coon) are particularly predisposed to heart defects. However, life shows that any animal can get sick, regardless of breed, sex or age. Therefore - as in humans, age often predisposes to the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases due to its "wear and tear". Especially small breed dogs, which often live twice as long as the larger members of the species and are particularly vulnerable to diseases related to heart failure. In animals, unlike in humans, the heart muscle itself suffers mainly and its failure may cause rapid fatigue, lack of willingness to move or even fainting.

  • Cardiological examination

    The first element of a cardiac examination is the auscultation of the heart, which is part of every standard clinical examination. However in our clinic we also offer more specialized tests:

    • chest X-ray with the assessment of the size of the heart and the entire cardiovascular system,
    • ECG assessing the rhythm of the heart muscle,
    • blood pressure measurement.

    Based on this set of tests, a diagnosis will be made and the appropriate treatment will be selected.