Exotic pets

  • Veterinary Clinic Zdrowy Pupil, Lubin
  • Our little patients: rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, mice, chinchilas, degus, hedgehogs, ferrets, canary birds, parrots can count on us.

    In our veterinary clinic you can find help even for exotic pets. Although some diseases of small mammals may resemble those found in more popular four-legged friends we have to remember that rabbit, guinea pig or ferret are completely other species.

    We know what your exotic pets need: their nutritional needs, proper maintenance, their daily cycle, the specificity of the reproductive cycle, so that you can catch what is normal for them and what is the pathology. Sometimes it turnes out that your pet doesn’t need any drugs but better care. An honest conversation with the owner will allow us to understand what can be changed in the diet or the environment of the animal, so it can enjoy good health longer.

  • Prophylaxis and treatment

    Our services:

    • vaccination of rabbits and ferrets,
    • hormonal implantation of ferrets,
    • deworming,
    • ectoparasites prevention.

    We do some cosmetics stuff also, e.g.: claw clipping.
    We diagnose and treat diseases of small mammals.

    We perform laboratory tests:

    • microscopic swab testing, cytology, blood test,
    • urine test,
    • fecal testing (flotation).