Internal diseases

  • Veterinary Clinic Zdrowy Pupil, Lubin
  • Internal medicine is a very broad branch of medicine at the same time acting on the first front of helping the patient.

    According to the name, internal medicine is associated with everything that happens inside the body, giving symptoms that are visible on the outside. There are so many possibilities where can be a problem: respiratory system, nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, endocrine glands, urinary system, germinal system, skin, eyes, cardiovascular system and muskuloskeletal system.

  • We solve problems of your pets in the spacy, comfortable and fully equipped examine rooms.

    Does your animal suffer from runny nose, cough, rash or a pain in its stomach or ear? We will look at any disturbing symptom and examine the animal from nose to tail. An interview with the owner is very important to us. Good interview and clinical examination will help to order appropriate additional tests, make a proper diagnosis and choose treatment.