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  • Vaccinations

    Vaccinations - are they really worth our time?

    It’s very important part of the health prevention, which can protect your precious animals from serious diseases. Some of them, for example feline panleukopenia or canine parvovirosis, have very violent course and can end tragically. Furthermore they are greatly infectious and can easily spread amongst animals. Vaccination against rabies is also important, moreover this vaccination is legally required in dogs. We also recommend it for cats, especially for those that are outgoing and have their own paths, no matter how far they are. There’s no jokes ! Rabies is a disease that affects all mammals including humans. It is sadly an incurable illness.

    Your pet should start its vaccination cycle at the young age. According to the latest research a puppy should visit a vet for the first time at the age of 6-8 weeks, whereas a kitten at the age of 8-9 weeks. We schedule next visits at intervals of 3-4 weeks. We do it in order to ensure that the last vaccination will take place during or after 16th week of life. Adult pets should get a vaccination once a year in case of rabies and in other cases – once in two to three years.

    To get a vaccine the animal has to be healthy so firstly we conduct an examination of the pet and we talk with the owner. We ask questions (about the health of your pet) out of care for your animal, so your answers have to be perfectly honest. Please remember – thanks to vaccination you can protect not only your beloved pets, but also other animals and people.

  • Deworming

    One of the prevention methods is deworming our pets. It’s very important – such a little pill can make a huge difference. Intestinal helminths can cause diarrhea of varying severity, stomach ache, weight loss – even if your pet still has appetite, and sometimes vomiting or cough. From time to time we don’t see any symptoms, that’s why we should stick to standard calendar of deworming or we can regularly examine feces of our animals.

    The calendar of deworming

    For the first time we deworm kittens in the 21st day of their life, in case of puppies it is the 14th day. Next time of deworming should be after two weeks until weaning. After the weaning we can do it once in a month until they’re 6 months old, then we deworm them once in 3 months.

    If we have more than one pet it’s very important to give a medicine to all of them at the same time. It also refers to nursing bitches and cats who should be dewormed with their children. It does not matter if your pets stay at home all the time. They don’t have to take walks to catch worms, because we can get the eggs of the parasites on our shoes and bring them back home. But please don’t panic – you do not have to deworm all of your family members. It’s enough to follow the basic rules of hygiene. Wash your hands after petting your animal, clean cat’s litter box with gloves and nothing wrong will happen. If you’ll take care of your pet health, you are also taking care of yourself.