• Veterinary Clinic Zdrowy Pupil, Lubin
  • Do not belittle dental problems, they have influence on the whole organism.

    If you see that your pet:

    • has low appetite,
    • has problems with chewing,
    • drools excessively,
    has unpleasant smell from its mouth,

    this may be the evidence, that you should visit a veterinary clinic, so we can check if there is any problem with teeth.
    Maybe the case isn’t big and the only thing that will be required is brushing teeth. Then we can help you choose the best product for it. Unfortunately most of pets aren’t so lucky and tartar removal treatment is a must. Sometimes we have to remove some of the teeth. We perform such procedures under full anesthesia, but before that we always do a proper clinical examination and blood tests. All of this to prepare your pet the best way we can.