Ultrasonography diagnostics

  • Veterinary Clinic Zdrowy Pupil, Lubin
  • Ultrasonography is totally safe and painless diagnostic method, which allows us imaging internal organs.

    It really rare requires a pharmacological sedation of the animal, usually an owner’s presence and calm as well as vet’s precision and patience are enough. Not without a significance is a good quality of equipment, of course. Fortunately, we’ve got that kind of equipment – a modern ultrasonography machine with Doppler. We also deepen our knowledge regularly and improve our skills under supervision of specialists in that field. Thanks to that we can obtain so many information from the examination.

    On the screen of our machine we can watch: heart and partially lungs, digestive tract – stomach and bowels, kidneys and bladder, uterus with ovaries, spleen, liver, pancreas and much more.

  • Diagnostics and monitoring

    Therefore, an ultrasonography examination is so safe, we can do it without any limits actually, even every day, if it is needed. That’s why we use it for diagnostics and monitoring a pregnancy. It allows us to set the date of birth with a big probability and also take a decision to do a caesarean section to help a dog or cat mother.

    An ultrasonography machine makes it easier for us to take some biopsy material, e.g. doing a cystosentesis or biopsy of skin changes.

  • Preparation to ultrasound examination

    The best situation is, when our patient is properly prepared for the examination, and that includes:

    12-hour starvation diet,
    access to water all the time,
    application of some drugs, which reduce an amount of gas in the digestive tract - it will make an examination much easier,
    • a bladder full of urine – don’t let your pet to pee directly before an entrance to our clinic – it will help us to examine bladder precisely.