X-ray diagnostics

  • Veterinary Clinic Zdrowy Pupil, Lubin
  • One of important diagnostics tool is an X-ray imaging.

    In our clinic we have modern machine for digital direct radiography and specially prepared X-ray lab. Thanks to that we can do this kind of imaging precisely, fast and as safe for animals and people as it is possible.

  • X-ray machine allows to evaluate soft tissues – enable us imaging of lungs, define the width of trachea, showing of fluid in chest or abdominal cavity, checking a size and a position of internal organs. This machine helps us to count fetuses, find urinary stones or foreign body (especially bones or metals). But first of all, it is very important diagnostic tool of bone structure. Thanks to X-rays we can examine breaks or dislocation, then plan surgical operation and observe a recovery process. We can also see here every kind of bones’ degeneration and evaluate the dynamics of these changes. It has got a huge signification for older animals, also for big and giant dogs, purebred as well as mix, because they have tendency for elbows’ and hips’ dysplasia. That kind of imaging should be done at the age of 3,5-4 months for the first time and we can do it in our clinic, of course.

  • Preparation for X-ray examination

    Sometimes X-ray imaging has to be done stat, in sudden situations, after communication accidents, but sometimes we can plan it (like in suspicion of dysplasia). In that case we ask you to properly prepare your pet:

    • come with a pet to our clinic for blood examination (in case the pharmacological sedation would be needed),
    • book the date for diagnostics,
    • let your pet drink only water for twelve hours before the visit.

    If it is necessary for owner to hold his animal, we’ll also prepare our client for this. Leaden aprons, gloves and a collar for a thyroid will minimize the negative influence of X-rays. If you are directed to us from another vet clinic, please take a referral with you – it helps us to choose a right projection during the imaging.
    You can get all the results of these diagnostics procedures – X-ray images - on a CD or e-mail.